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Michael Cohen's House Oversight Committee testimony

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:41 pm    Post subject: Michael Cohen's House Oversight Committee testimony Reply with quote


The public hearing by Michael Cohen today was fascinating! The situation is so beautifully complex.

We've got a disbarred lawyer who worked for Trump for ten years, doing his dirty work by doing things like making hush-money payments to ex-mistresses and intimidating Trump's enemies (hostile reporters, etc) by threatening litigation.

For the record, we've got a president who lies outrageously on a daily basis, and an attorney who served as his "fixer" to clean up his messes. And Cohen's blind loyalty was so strong he lied to Congress, so he's now going to jail for three years!

But here's the really interesting part.

The Republicans in the House Oversight Committee repeatedly attacked Cohen's character and credibility, insisting that absolutely nothing he might say could not be believed. And they repeatedly criticized him for insulting the president by calling him a liar, a racist, and a conman.

However . . . not one single Republican asked questions about subjects that pertained to possible wrong-doing by the president! They obviously didn't care if HE lied his ass off and committed criminal acts, they just wanted to discredit Cohen to prevent his testimony from proving that Trump might be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

My point is that the Democrats wanted to hear what Cohen had to say regardless of his low credibility so they could then look for evidence that would either "substantiate or refute" each of his claims.

That's the logical way to deal any information this man might have about a president who is clearly a shady character and who lies . . . just as often as Cohen!

Meanwhile, the Republicans just wanted to shut Cohen up because he's calling attention to the fact that they never should have nominated Trump, and his disgraceful behavior is damaging the reputation of the Republican party, along with the office the Presidency!

Despite this shameful behavior by the Republicans, several of the Democrats nailed Trump to the wall with questions about known scams which Trump has committed.

Some of the best evidence that Trump is a crook was offered by the young senator Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez, the Democrat from New York, who asked Cohen about the $127 million golf course called The Trump Links in the Bronx, which was built using taxpayer dollars! Shocked

And Trump receives almost 100% of the profits from that golf course he built with OUR tax dollars! This is the guy who refuses to release his tax returns so we won't find out what a despicable crook we put into the Oval Office.

I was also impressed by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, the Democrat from Massachusetts, who explained that the phony sale of a Trump portrait at auction using a fake buyer who paid for the portrait with money from the so-called "Trump charity" organization. And this painting — along with another portrait which was purchased using the same shifty scheme — was then given back to Trump, who now displays both painting at two of his golf courses! Rolling Eyes

And then there was Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the Democrat from Michigan, who made a remark about Republican Representative Elihah Meadows that brought the hearing to a screeching halt when she equated his racial attitudes to Trump's bigotry.

It was a jaw-dropping moment, and despite the fact that I re-ran that part of the testimony several times, I never quite figured out what all the hub-bub was about. Shocked

But my-oh-my, it was a helluva moment! Very Happy

Finally, Michael Cohan's powerful closing statement was absolutely perfect. You might hate Micheal Cohen, and you might adore Donald Trump, but Cohen's final remarks were a damning condemnation of the man who has shamed the United States of America.

______ Cohen says if Trump loses 2020 election . . .


His statement was followed by an equally powerful statement by Mr. Elijah Meadows, the chairman of the hearing. It was absolutely devastating. I was very moved . . . and I was proud to be an American.

And the fact that throughout the hearing, the Republicans ignored all the statements about Donald Trump's misdeeds and continue to blindly defend Trump — the same way Michael Cohen did for ten years — is one of the saddest moments in the history of this country.

________ Word for Word: Rep. Elijah Cummings


Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
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