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Star Trek: of Gods and Men (2007)

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:35 am    Post subject: Star Trek: of Gods and Men (2007) Reply with quote

Walter Koenig * Nichelle Nichols * Alan Ruck in


Tim Russ * Garrett Wang * J.G.Hertzler * Gary Graham * Chase Masterson * Cirroc Lofton * Lawrence Montaigne * James Cawley

with Ethan Phillips and Grace Lee Whitney

Directed by Tim Russ

Years in the Making!

(Well, 2 weeks on location filming, at least).

This is for real — an actual Star Trek film! It's nothing to do with the big-budget re-imagining of Trek in 2009, it's an independent production by dedicated fans, actors, and producers who wanted to get something done for the fan base, and especially for those who thought Chekov and Uhura were not given enough screen time in the past 40 years.

This film is finally available on-line, in 3 Acts (or there is an option to view the entire film). Here is the website:

It is feature-length all together — about 94 minutes — and there are some outtakes at the end, like a gag reel, which extend it to this length.

I believe most of this was filmed in 2006, but there were delays in getting the FX done and getting the whole thing on-line. The 3rd Act finally became available in 2007. I don't pretend to know or understand how, in view of the legalities involved (we all are familiar with such) this kind of project got done at all . . . but here it is. (Oh, it IS non-profit, that's a stipulation, of course).


The story takes place about a dozen years after the death of Capt. Kirk, who died in Star Trek:Generations (1994). The year is 2306, about 60 years before the TNG series events begin, in case anyone's interested.

It focuses on the characters of Chekov and Uhura. Scotty is missing in action, Sulu's on a deep space mission, and McCoy and Spock are on some diplomatic mission with the Klingons.

A shadowy villain sets events into motion by utilizing the famed Guardian of Forever (from The City on the Edge of Forever) to change history, thereby creating a parallel universe, a la the Mirror, Mirror episode.

I think all the actors donated their time — this was strictly an all-volunteer effort — but it can't be designated just a fan film. It truly is one of the independent productions in these times of internet films.

As one can see by the cast list above, many actors from the Trek series came on-board this project. Koenig and Nichols are the big ones, reprising their roles, but there's also Ruck as Capt. Harriman (from Generations), Tim Russ as the Vulcan Tuvok (from Voyager — and Russ also wrote and directed this!) and Montaigne as Stonn, a Vulcan who appeared in the episode Amok Time.

Oh, yes, and even yeoman Janice Rand (actress Grace Lee Whitney) pops up briefly . The rest play different characters from what we're used to seeing — Masterson adds a lot of sex appeal as a green Orion slave girl. Wow!

There are more surprises in store for the devoted Trekker in all of us: another familiar big-time villain shows up later, doubling the 'phaser on stun' quotient and offering some genuine thrills.


In many ways, this is a Trekker's dream come true, satisfying a need which has been mostly unfulfilled for the past decade or so.

For others, those who can only abide $100 million+ productions, this may seem trivial and embarrassing (on the IMDb boards, there are a brigade of naysayers posting their very negative comments on this).

Some even criticize the story and acting, but I found it to be mostly creative. And the FX, though clearly limited by the budget, manage to combine with the cosmic scope of the plot to present a fairly impressive conflict by the 3rd Act. There are enough revelations and space battles to convey a rather gripping, exciting tone by the end.

This was eventually released on DVD.

BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

Galaxy Overlord Galactus
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