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What stop motion movie presents the most emotional scene?

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What stop motion movie presents the most emotional scene?
King Kong (1933)
 25%  [ 1 ]
Mighty Joe Young (1949)
 50%  [ 2 ]
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
 0%  [ 0 ]
It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955)
 0%  [ 0 ]
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
 0%  [ 0 ]
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Mystrious Island (1961)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
 0%  [ 0 ]
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)
 25%  [ 1 ]
Clash of the Titans (1981)
 0%  [ 0 ]
My replies lists several great scenes1
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4

Author Message
Bud Brewster
Galactic Fleet Admiral (site admin)

Joined: 14 Dec 2013
Posts: 13306
Location: North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:51 am    Post subject: What stop motion movie presents the most emotional scene? Reply with quote


All stop motion fans have favorite moments which stir their emotions and touch their hearts.

Stop motion does not simply create great special effects — it also creates highly emotional scenes in which the "characters" created by O'Brien and Harryhausen have invoked strong emotions!


Please vote in the poll above and share your views on which stop motion scene has excited your enthusiasm or moved you to tears!

Come on, guys . . . if you can't make a single choice from the poll above, don't be a lazy lurker and do nothing at all! Sad

Just pick the last option and then post a reply that tells us about the various scenes which moved you the most!

After all, this is a "message board", right!

It's not just a Blog where you can read my brilliant and fascinating posts without contributing your own brilliant and fascinating relies! Cool

Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
~ The Space Children (1958)
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Galactic Ambassador

Joined: 27 Sep 2014
Posts: 1974
Location: New York

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Man, this was another one that my vote could have gone one of two ways.

King Kong's death was most certainly a tragic one, there's just no denying that.

When I thought that Joe Young was done for when the tree he was on at the Children's Home fell, well, that really got me.

Fortunately it all turned out fine.

I'd like to suggest a entertaining stop~motion film with a heart wrenching scene, Bud, that always gets me and is not on your list.

"Son of Kong"

Junior shows up battling dinos to save our island explorers. He even leads him to the lost treasure and helps them get into the temple. And darn if he isn't a dog gone cute feller.

In the end he saves the life of Robert Armstrong as the island sinks beneath the ocean waves with junior. Watching junior's giant hand gently release Armstrong so that he can climb into the boat as we see Kong junior's hand slip forever beneath the ocean surface.

Dang it, gets me every time.

I even made up a different ending for the movie.

As the isle submerges under the ocean, the rock opening that has trapped little Kong's foot is partially ripped open due to all the ongoing activity.

The ocean water makes the crevasse muddy and slippery and allows sonny to yank out his foot before the land mass plummets to the ocean depths forever.

Once he breaks surface he sees his human friends in their boat. They see him and a rousing cheer goes up from the humans.

SOK turns out to be an able swimmer. He gently pushes the lifeboat ahead of him as he makes his way through the ocean.

Eventually a land mass is spotted and our intrepid crew set their direction for it.

Upon reaching the deserted beach they all collapse and rest their weary bones.

In time they find plenty of fruit and water and revive themselves so that they can begin to explore where exactly they are.

They encounter a hunting party (SOK hides in the jungle) who inform them that they are on the continent of Africa!

SOK peeks out to see what is going on and the hunting party sees him.

To the amazement of our lifeboat survivors these hunters are not at all frightened by SOK! They smile at him and laugh and greet him with comfort and ease.

When asked why the hunters did not flee they respond that they view SOK as their the other one.

The other one our marooned party responds?

The hunters will show them just what they mean.

The trek through the jungle is arduous but doable for the hunters and our crew. The hunters are able to provide our crew food and water during the four day journey.

SOK finds plenty of game and fruit on his own.

In time they come upon a majestic looking farm.

The hunters call out to the house as they approach.

Out of the house comes Jill & Gregg...and from around a corner appears Mighty Joe Young!

Both groups are amazed by each other's giant ape.

SOK & Joe look each other over tentatively but quickly warm up to one another. Like brothers.

The groups excitedly recount their respective stories.

Jill & Gregg tell about their adventures with Joe in NYC; our crew unfold their harrowing tale on the island and making friends with junior.

After a few weeks of rest and refreshment at Jill & Gregg's farm our crew must bid everyone a fond adieu; including SOK.

They realize that junior is now in the perfect place for him.

He is in the natural wonders of the jungle; he has a good pal in Joe; and Jill & Gregg will love and protect junior just as they do Joe.

There, now I feel better.
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Bud Brewster
Galactic Fleet Admiral (site admin)

Joined: 14 Dec 2013
Posts: 13306
Location: North Carolina

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


By gum, I did indeed forget about the dramatic scene when the heroic offspring of the 8th Wonder of the World made his noble sacrifice! Thanks for correcting that mistake. Very Happy

Wowzer bowzer, what a story idea! Shocked

It's a shame that O'Brien didn't get the idea to resurrect Kiko (as Forrest J. Ackerman named him) and make a Mighty Joe Young sequel that paired him with the Kong's amiable kid.

Thanks for correcting that error. Very Happy

By the way, one year ago YouTube acquired a copy of the full movie, with a fairly good picture! Very Happy

__________________ Son of Kong on TNT 1990


Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
~ The Space Children (1958)
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Galactic Ambassador

Joined: 27 Sep 2014
Posts: 1974
Location: New York

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 11:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My second revision for the ending of "Son of Kong."

After you kindly pointed out that SOK was available on Youtube, Bud, I went there and watched the film again. Haven't seen it in years, so being updated with this recent viewing I had some other ideas for the finale.

After Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) is given the invaluable jewels from the statue in the ancient temple by SOK, he hears Captain Englehorn (Frank Reicher), shout for Denham to come outside quickly.

Once there, Carl sees that Englehorn, Helen, and Charlie are all staring in amazement : the Venture has returned and is anchored not far offshore.

A boat with the lead mutineer and four men are rowing directly towards Denham and company.

Helen is excited because she thinks that the mutineers have changed their minds and have returned to rescue them all.

However, Carl, Englehorn, and Charlie know that these mutineers have come back to eliminate any loose ends that could report the mutiny.

The mutineers couldn't take a chance that somehow all of the people they marooned, or even one of them, could somehow make their way back to civilization and report the mutiny.

A prison term or death sentence could be the result. And given the prison conditions, execution might be preferable.

Carl and his friends quickly hatch a plot. The mutineers won't be ashore for a while.

The mutineers make landfall and climb out of their boat.

Carl and company are all standing on the top of the carved steps which lead to the ancient temple.

The leader is surprised to see them all just standing there and wonders why they did not flee from them?

Not that any of them had much a chance, thinks the leader.

When asked why they did not run like rabbits, it is Carl who explains "We have no guns and you'd simply hunt us down like game."

Carl then goes on to inform the mutineers that he (Denham) and his friends were hoping they could negotiate with the mutineers.

The mutineers warily ask just what do they have that they could bargain with?

Carl informs them about the vast treasure inside the ancient temple.

The mutineers are suspicious but decide to check out the temple.

The leader tells Carl that Carl will accompany him and two of his men inside the temple while his other two men keep their rifles leveled at the captain, Helen, and Charlie outside the temple.

Carl is in the lead as they slowly enter. The leader has his rifle squarely aimed at Denham's back.

The leader tells the man to his right to keep a lookout in that direction, he tells the man on his left to keep his eyes peeled left.

They all see the temple statue and the diamonds that remain encrusted onto it.

They realize that Denham was indeed telling the truth!

They also realize that it will be difficult to climb up the large statue in order to retrieve the remaining diamonds. They haven't searched Carl for the big diamond necklace that he still has in his pocket since they are lead to believe that Denham had just discovered the treasure and could not have gotten up on the statue.

The mutineers discuss the situation and decide to return to the Venture. They can lasso the statue with ropes that'll reach the statue's treasures. And there is always plenty of thick rope on a ship.

Carl pulls out the big necklace to show the mutineers and tells them they can't go wrong overestimating the wealth of these diamonds, jewels, and rubies.

The mutineers gasp at the size of the necklace, the leader yanks it out of Carl's hands.

The leader stares at it in joy. Then a questioning expression comes across his face. How did Denham get this, there's nothing apparent by the statue that could have been used for Carl to climb up on.

With a grin on his face, Carl informs the leader that he (Carl) had help getting up to the statue.

The mutineers look all around them in panic.

They yell that whoever else is in the temple better also have rifles, if they don't show themselves they're dead men.


The men aim their rifles at Carl and demand to know who helped him?

Out of the darkness a large stalagmite is hurled at the mutineers and knocks them all down at Carl's feet.

Two of the men are stunned, one is unconscious.

Denham quickly gathers the firearms. He straps one rifle over his shoulder while cocking the other rifle in his hand. The third weapon is a pistol that Carl fires into the air.

The gunshot causes one of the men outside to rush into temple. The man sees Carl who is aiming a rifle at the man.

Carl tells the man to walk slowly towards the entrance.

Once the man and Carl exit outside, the last mutineer tells Carl that he should put his rifle down or the mutineer will shoot Carl's friends.

Carl tells the mutineer that if he shoots his friend that junior won't like that at all.

"Who is junior," the mutineer asks?

"Him," replies Carl.

SOK steps out of the temple. The mutineer screams and drops his rifle from shock.

Captain Englehorn quickly picks up the man's rifle while Charlie stands in front of the man holding a meat cutting utensil at the man's face.

Carl tells everyone that the other men in the temple are subdued; probably a few broken bones between the three of them.

Carl, Charlie, Helen, and SOK all re-enter the temple and gather up the three mutineers who must help each other up off the ground.

Each of the men support one another due to their various cracked and broken bones.

Carl tells Helen and Charlie that the rest of the diamonds, rubies, and jewels are embedded to the statue and it'll take some doing to remove them all.

Suddenly the ground erupts beneath them; it's an earthquake so violent that it'll sink the entire island.

They run towards the entrance with the mutineers lagging behind. The falling rocks crush the mutineers forever.

Denham tells everyone that they must flee as fast as possible to the Venture in the rowboat.

As they and the mutineer that the captain was guarding all scramble to the lifeboat, Carl looks behind to see where junior is?

Carl calls out his name and fears that junior has been injured or killed in the continuing earthquake.

Nope, junior is coming behind them...and carrying the temple statue.

The desperate group rows to the Venture as they endure roiling water, dark and ominous skies with severe winds and rain.

The group rows furiously towards the Venture as Denham hollers for junior to drop the darn statue and swim out to the ship.

SOK hesitates, looks at the statue but continues to tote it along with him.

Somehow by a miracle they reach the Venture, including junior who tosses the statue up on deck.

The rest of the mutineers are running all over the ship in order to weigh anchor and get away from the explosive island.

Everyone must pull together in order to escape the calamity and there are no opposing sides on the ship.

SOK manages to hoist himself aboard as the Venture rocks violently in the churning sea.

The Venture is able to get far away enough and they watch Skull Island slip beneath the ocean for eternity.

Days later we see things have returned to normal on board the Venture. Captain Englehorn is once again in charge and the surviving mutineers don't dispute that fact.

Especially when told that if they try anything again against Carl and his friends, SOK will eat them up alive!

The Venture is damaged and the captain determines that they will be lucky to make it to the nearest land mass which is the coast of Africa.

Denham scolds junior for risking his life by carrying the heavy statue. He tells junior that the necklace he took off the statue is plenty treasure enough and the rest weren't worth junior's life.

As Charlie works to remove the embedded treasure on the cracked statue he pulls away a section of the statue. Charlie has discovered that beneath the outer layers of rock that the entire statue is gold!

With this discovery our intrepid little party is wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

The Venture just barely makes it to a beach in Africa, in fact it has run aground.

Gathering provisions, the crew and former mutineers start out on a path that leads into the jungle. SOK right beside them.

They decide to leave the statue on board the Venture as it'll be too heavy even for junior to carry if they have to take days reach civilization. They do bring the easy to carry treasure with them.

After exhausting days of hiking they come upon a handsome looking farm.

As they approach the farm, Jill & Greg (from Mighty Joe Young) are in their yard. They are startled to see these visitors but greet them all warmly.

Joe Young steps out from the jungle to see what's going on.

Jill and Greg quickly tell the group not to be frightened and that Joe is friendly.

Both Jill & Greg observe that Carl, Helen, Englehorn, and Charlie are not at all intimidated by Joe. Though the remaining mutineers are.

Jill & Greg mention to the visitors that they are surprised that Joe did not scare them since that's not the norm when people first see Joe.

Carl smiles as he informs Jill & Greg that's because we have a similar friend.

With that, junior, bringing up the rear, exits the jungle.

Now it is Jill & Greg who are in awe as they spy SOK.

Joe and junior move tentatively towards each other, smile, gently punch each other in a friendly manner. Like two long lost brothers who have rediscovered one another.

Denham and his friends recount the exciting adventures they have just had. Jill & Greg tell them about Joe and how they went to NYC to appear in showman Max O'Hara's spectacular jungle nightclub.

Jill even observes that Carl resembles O'Hara.

After ten days of enjoying Jill & Greg's hospitality, Carl says that they must return to civilization.

With the money they have now from the treasure they plan to make arrangements at the nearest port city to hire a ship in order to transport them---and the gold statue still on board the hulk of the Venture---back to America.

They insist that Jill & Greg share in some of the treasure for all their help and kindness. Local natives offer to escort the mutineers to the local police.

Carl then asks a big favor of Jill & Greg. Will they let junior live with them and Joe? He'd have people who would love him and look after him. And Joe would be a great buddy for the SOK and vice versa.

Jill quickly agrees and tells Carl that she was about to propose the very same thing.

Fond farewells and hugs are exchanged by all.

Carl says goodbye to junior. and junior understands what he is communicating. Both are sad at the moment.

Carl tells the group that its time to hike to the port city.

As they leave, Carl looks back and sees junior still looking sad. Joe comes over to junior and the two giant apes begin to playfully wrestle with one another as Jill and Greg look on smiling.

Carl, moist around his eyes, says to himself, "Your son will be safe and happy now, Kong. I hope this makes up a little for what I did." Denham then smiles as he walks along.

Kinda corny, I know.

But I sure like it better than watching the SOK movie and having little Kong perish at the end.
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Bud Brewster
Galactic Fleet Admiral (site admin)

Joined: 14 Dec 2013
Posts: 13306
Location: North Carolina

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 2:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


That's a wonderful idea for a new ending! Very Happy

I completely agree that Son of Kong needs some serious fixing! And since the goal is to prevent the death of SOK, we could also just change the ending by . . . eliminating that damn earthquake that sunk our beloved island! Shocked

After all, the destruction of Skull Island was just as frustrating for fans of King Kong as the death of the movie's title character.

But of course, the other goal of your story is the real treat — Kiko meets Mighty Joe Young. So, the key element of your story is still important, even if Skull Island is spared.

I'm sure we'd all like to see a story in which Denham goes back to Skull Island, meets SOK, and realizes that Junior's situation is very different than it was with Kong. He had lived there for decades and was well suited for life on the island, dangerous though it may be.

However, Junior was not only smaller, he's much less savage. Removing him from the island would a different matter; he would be safer in a less hostile environment. Taking SOK to Africa to leave on Jill's ranch with Joe would be a humanitarian act, rather than an act of selfish opportunism.

So, adapting my suggestion to your basic concept, let's just eliminate the earthquake AND the mutiny. The Venture goes back to Skull Island in hopes of finding the treasure so Denham can pay the many debts he owes because of Kong's escape.

They can also do what Denham planned for the first trip — shoot amazing dinosaur footage and release a blockbuster "nature film" about their adventure! This would rake in a fortune on its own, allowing poor Carl to pay off all the money he owed, with plenty left over.

Once on Skull Island this new expedition gets into multiply adventures with prehistoric beast (like they should have done in the disappointing movie) along with the discovery of SOK and the treasure.

While on the island, Helen Mack convinces Robert Armstrong to "save the poor gorilla from being eaten by dinosaurs". Denham agrees, knowing that saving Junior is the way to make up for his tragic mistake with Kong. So, after leaving Skull Island they take SOK to Africa, where Carl Denham's cousin — Max O'Hara — recently returned the former star of his own failed "giant gorilla act", Mr. Joseph Young. Very Happy

Pow, since we're tinkering with the time lines on these two stories, I figured we could make Carl Denham and Max Max O'Hara related to explain the "amazing family resemblance". Wink

Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
~ The Space Children (1958)
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