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Bud Brewster
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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2022 7:48 pm    Post subject: FEATURED THREADS for 5-14-22 Reply with quote

If you're not a member of All Sci-Fi, registration is easy. Just use the registration password, which is —


Attention members! If you've forgotten your password, just email me at

Wow! This is just too easy! Who could NOT think of something to add to the three great threads below? Very Happy

Forbidden Planet is such a remarkable movie that our grandchildren will still be talking about it when they're our age!

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was so adored by me and my family when it first aired that we all had the toy ships and played with them together while watching the show!

Speed Racer is such a fun movie that I bought both the DVD and the Blu ray! And I also bought the CD of the great film score. Very Happy

So, guys, please don't disappoint me by not adding replied to the threads below! Cool


Forbidden Planet (1956)

Krel wrote:
"The Deceleration Station green glow color was extensively research by consulting with physicists from MIT and CalTech. A green non-metallic organic plasma concept was agreed upon that would protect human life.

I still say the green glow indicates that the men were turned into energy.

That would literally be the only way to prevent inertia from pulverizing their innards, even if their bodies were held rigidly in place. Picture a man encased in concrete and dropped from a three story building. His brain and all his organs would be smash inside his body! Shocked

It's called coup injury.
Here's how it's defined on Wikipedia. Note the specific reference to acceleration and deceleration.

Coup injury may be caused when, during an impact, the brain undergoes linear acceleration and deceleration forces or rotational forces, causing it to collide with the opposite side of the skull.

The injuries can also be caused solely by acceleration or deceleration in the absence of an impact.


And if you watch the scene closely you'll see that some parts of their bodies (mostly their arms) aren't actually inside the green glow. They vanish as the glow increases! Frankly the idea that the guys are immersed in some "green non-metallic organic plasma" doesn't make a lick 'a sense. Rolling Eyes

A much better explanation is that they were turned into energy.

From a writer's point of view, I love the fact that story provides a foreshadowing of one aspect of the Krell machine — the ability to turn energy into matter.

Mankind was already on it's way to developing some of the Krell technology!

Eventually we'd learn how to project the energy to another location and then convert it back to matter. That's what the Krell machine did. It's what the Star Trek transporters did, too! And let's not forget the replicators on the Enterprise which created any object on demand. Energy into matter.

With all due respect, folks, I hope nobody will try to claim that the technology aboard the C-57-D couldn't be advanced enough to turn the crew into energy.

Just remember that 50 years ago people wouldn't have believed that everybody in 2020 would be walking around with a handheld computer/camera/phone in their pockets which responded to voice commands, answered questions in a pleasant female voice, and tracked where they were located at all times so it could guide them to any place they ask directions for!

Forbidden Planet is the one movie that didn't underestimate the awesome advances in technology mankind would achieve in the years to come.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987 - 1988)

Gord Green wrote:
I loved the interactive feature of the videos! My sons and I spent many hours with the vehicles and the tapes doing battle with the dominions of Lord Dread!

We had all the ships and VHS tapes and we played for hours on our living room floor trying to liberate the galaxy!

My God, you are indeed my "brother from another mother"!

Our whole family (of four) had our own Captain Power ships too, and we spent hours watching tapes of the shows and using the toys to battle Lord Dread!


Notice the custom detailing which was created from the sheets of red stickers which came with the toys. We all decorated our ships with the fragments that were left over after the real stickers had been peeled away. Wink

Here's two other ships which I still own fly high above the Robby you gave me, with significantly different custom details.

And we often turned out the lights in our house and raced back and forth between the bedrooms and the kitchen, firing as we flew passed each other in opposite directions, with our ships switched to "room" mode so we could score hits and deactivate our opponents! Very Happy

Yes, indeed, modern video games do not give families a chance to interact in this wonderful manner. Cool


Speed Racer (2008)

IMDB has 61 trivia items for this movie. Here’s a few of the ones I found the most interesting, in the blue text. Very Happy

~ This is the first time the Wachowskis have filmed a movie in high-definition (HD) film. With this format, they could utilize a layering approach that gave equal clarity to the foreground and background of each scene in the film, creating the appearance of real-life anime.

Note from me: My daughter (All Sci-Fi member Ticket2theMoon, and I watched this when it was first released — along with my very young grandson, who is ASF member Tantus Starbucker. Very Happy

I was amazed at the clarity of the picture. It was the first digitally projected movie I'd seen, and it was gorgeous!

~ Emile Hirsch was a big fan of the Speed Racer (1967) show, and used to watch it on Cartoon Network.

Note from me: What a thrill that must have been for this talented young actor. And he got to kiss Christina Ricci!

Emile: Hey, can we do that kissing scene again please? I think I should put more feeling into it. Wink

Christina: Hey, wait a minute, you put lots of "feeling" into it, buddy! I'll probably have bruises tomorrow! Shocked

~ A working Mach 5 was built for the film, along with several other full size cars, including Racer X's Shooting Star. All driving scenes were filmed with the actors sitting in a gimbal, a race car cockpit with a computer-programmed hydraulic system.

Note from me: I wonder where those magnificent cars are today. They're fantastic.

~ To prepare for his role, Emile Hirsch watched every episode of Speed Racer (1967), and paid a visit to Lowe's Motor Speedway, where he met and got advice from racecar driver Jimmie Johnson.

Note from me: Wow! He watched 'em as a kid and dreamed of being Speed Racer, and then his wish came true . . . so he watched 'em all again!

Emile's mom: Young man, turned off those cartoons and go do your homework! Cartoons will not get you ready for life in the real world.

~ In one scene, "Spritle" wears monkey faced pajamas, while "Chim Chim" wears little boy faced pajamas.

Note from me: Call me crazy, but I really liked all the scenes with Spritle and Chim-Chim! Good stuff. Laughing

~ Mr Royalton says his drivers need to be able to cope with speeds up to 4G. Theoretically a Merry-go-round can generate that.

Note from me: Hmmm . . . if one ever did, the kids would be over in the bushes nearby!

Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
~ The Space Children (1958)
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