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The journal of Edward Morbius

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Gord Green
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2023 11:57 pm    Post subject: The journal of Edward Morbius Reply with quote

From the journal of Edward Morbius :
I would suppose that since I am the only resident left on this world that my ramblings are absolute truth and the final word on any subject that I may recognize.

My fellow crewmembers are gone.

One by one they were all were "removed". The last were vaporized in mid attempt to take off to return to Earth .

Only myself and my wife were spared from the destruction.

I don't know why.

Perhaps it was our love for this world and the challenges it contained . . . of exploring the knowledge and science of the ancient and long dead Krell.

I had constructed my avatar . . . Robby . . . soon after my "brain boost".

Physical he was a product of my new ability to create and transmit physical matter . . . for whatever reason and from whatever source I desired. I used the Krells knowledge of physics , science, and technology to manifest my other self.

I was able to tinker together parts of my human concepts with the Krellian technology I was exposed to in order to enable me to create a physical manifestation.

It was creation with a mere thought! I was as a God!

It was not just an increase in my ability to process data, but also a source of greater insight of the reality of the Universe. That is indeed a misnomer, as there is nothing "uni" in the context.

But I digress from my entry in this journal.

What happened after the destruction of the Belleraphon and the crew?

My wife was pregnant. I loved her beyond human comprehension. We were alone on this forbidden planet, left to our own devices and paltry abilities.

It was time for her to give birth. She was very much in distress, and I felt helpless! Every one else was gone . . . No one to help. How we were spared . . . I have no idea.

I once more went to the "plastic educator" and submitted myself again to the terrible pain of it's effects on my mind and body! I hoped to find a way to help my wife and unborn child! I stood by impotent . . . Unable to help . . .

My beloved wife was dead.

My unborn child was dead! A little girl! My every part of me . . . My mind . . . Ego and Id and everything else I contained flowed out of me like a tidal wave of feeling!

I screamed into the emerald Altarian night! I prayed to whatever Gods there may be to change my reality!

My daughter was no more.

My beloved wife was no more! This forbidden planet was a desolation!

I was completely alone! I yearned for an answer!

Even the ultimate power of the Krell was unable to change that.

Grief and longing filled my soul! THIS COULD NOT BE!!!

There was a "snap" . . . an outflowing from my tortured mind!

But . . . Then . . .

From my wifes' physical body . . . something" was manifested!

I stood . . . transfixed . . . as from the light that surrounded my wife . . . another female form appeared, coalessed, and stepped forward.

She approuched me . . .

"Hello father . . . " Altaria said.

I was no longer alone . . .

There comes a time, thief, when gold loses its lustre, and the gems cease to sparkle, and the throne room becomes a prison; and all that is left is a father's love for his child.
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