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17th Presinct (2011 unsold pilot)

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Bud Brewster
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PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2021 12:00 pm    Post subject: 17th Presinct (2011 unsold pilot) Reply with quote


Krel, told us about this unsold pilot, and I managed to find it on YouTube. Guys, you have GOT to watch this unsold pilot! It's a amazing! Very Happy

For example, in an early scene with Stockard Channing, she's in a courtroom where a judge pronounces the sentence on a criminal which Stockard arrested, and the judge's ruling is that the accused will loose the use of his right arm for a year. Then the judge waves her hand, and the guy's shoulder is dislocated! Shocked

Shortly after that, Stockard razzes her young male superior because she dislikes him, so she makes cracks about the fact that he used to be female! Apparently he had a sex change operation — except that in this universe it would be "sex change spell".

The shots of the Golden Gate Bridge is NOT a "suspension bridge" with cables to support it, its only held up by magic, and it's horizontal section is green with hanging plants.

Why is that significant?

Because in this universe, the term "power plant" refers to the fact that actual green plants produce the energy used to power the lights and other mechanisms in buildings. Very Happy

Here's another example. Both stock market and political analysts in this universe are prophets whose predictions guide the decisions of financial investors and politicians.

And prescription drugs, along with homeopathic medicines, are magical substances which produce certain effects on the human body.

Here's what I mean. A young woman is being questioned by the detectives, and they suspect she's been abused by her husband. One of the detectives discovers she's been taking a prescription for "allergies" . . . which can also magically hide bruising.

The detective waves his hand across the woman's face — and reveals the fact that she's been beaten by her husband.

When Stockard and her new rookie partner go into a potential dangerous situation — the kind where cops in all the police shows whip out their guns — the cops in this unsold pilot pull out disk-shaped stones and hold them in front of them, ready to magically zap anybody who threatens them!

It's all very strange to watch, but it's exceptionally well-done, exactly like a CSI episode and every other popular crime drama on TV today! Each time a portion of the story occurs which involves magic, the viewer is suddenly reminded that "we're not in Kansas anymore . . . "

_______ 17th Precinct Unaired Pilot (part 1 of 3)


_______ 17th Precinct Unaired Pilot (part 2 of 3)


_______ 17th Precinct Unaired Pilot (part 3 of 3)


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