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Bud Brewster
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2024 5:22 pm    Post subject: FEATURED THREADS for 6-20-24 Reply with quote

If you're not a member of All Sci-Fi, registration is easy. Just use the registration password, which is —


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Here's a disturbing concept which we (or our children) might have to deal with in the coming years!

Pray to God that we won't! Shocked

Click on the title below to go to the thread and add a reply.


Donovan's Brain - Thinking Outside the Plot
<— link


Thinking Outside the "Plot"!

~ A Question for the Members: If a disembodied brain which has been removed from a man's body can establish telepathic communication with a willing recipient, could modern medicine set up a facility which provides "rescued brains" like the one in this movie with living surrogates? Confused

~ My Theory: I think this could become a thriving industry in the future for deceased wealthy people who are willing to pay vast fortunes to have their brains preserved after the death of their bodies — so they could then inhabit the minds of impoverish volunteers.

These would be desperate people who'd actually LOVE to become the willing vessels of these rich and powerful individuals! It would allow them to live virtual "fantasy lives" as the "Rich and Famous" people whose brains controlled their bodies! Shocked

Their own weak-willed minds would be suppressed by the consciousness of the "preserved brains" who inhabited them! But they would still experience all the physical pleasures and personal ambitions of their "host" minds! Shocked

The world would end up being populated by droves of "common people" who have surrendered their bodies and minds to the powerful brains being preserved in tanks of nutrients whicn kept them alive for centuries!

(Wow, what a creepy concept. What do you guys think?)
Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
~ The Space Children (1958)
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