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Tremors (1990)

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Bud Brewster
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:06 pm    Post subject: Tremors (1990) Reply with quote


Before I saw this movie, my friends told me it was like a tribute to the 1950s classics, and they told me I'd love it.

When I finally saw it, I realized it really was. And I really did love it. Very Happy

The cast is pure gold. Keven Bacon and Fred Ward are terrific as the redneck buddies who finally get up the nerve to leave their dead-end existence in the tiny "town" of Perfection, Nevada — only to be stopped when the only road is blocked by a rock slide and a utility truck that's unoccupied because the workers were eaten by monster worms.

Michael Gross and Reba McEntire are adorable as a married couple whose "rec room" in the basement of their dessert home has enough guns to take down Godzilla!

Victor Wong is just as much fun to watch playing the owner of the only store for a hundred miles as he was as the mystical Chinese tour bus driver in Big Trouble in Little China.

And Finn Carter reminded me of a sexy, funny, younger version of Kathleen Turner the first time I saw the movie. She's delightful to watch, and I get aroused by the scene of her running from the Graboids wearing nothing but a shirt, socks, and panties.

This blue-eyed beauty is delightful.

But when she bravely allows Keven Bacon to treat the cuts on those luscious legs, caused by the barbed wire they were wrapped in, I always cringe and squeeze my eyes closed! The sweet look on Finn's face as she calmly watches Kevin play doctor with her simply steals my heart, but the fake cuts and blood on her legs makes me want to adopt her and pay off all her college loans! Shocked

And then there's the Graboids.

All the sequels used CGI to present the wormy creatures bursting out of the ground, and if there was ever a strong argument against CGI compared to practical effects, this movie is it!

The props of the "dead" Graboids and the "live" versions which twitch and wiggle and gobble up people (whenever stagehands give them life) are very convincing.

And yet the whole movie is based on the incredible premise that these creatures can "swim" rapidly through the hard-packed earth of this dessert landscape! The idea is ridiculous, of course, but the movie sells it to us so well we buy it completely. Wink

This film is extremely enjoyable, and after seeing it on cable and satellite channels for years, I finally bought the Blu-ray so I could watch it whenever I was in the mood. Cool

Enjoy the trailer below.

____________ Official Trailer: Tremors (1990)


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