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Alien Trespass (2009)

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:45 pm    Post subject: Alien Trespass (2009) Reply with quote

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The thinking behind this film is that it was made in 1957 but, for the usual behind-the-scenes studio politics, was never released. There's an optional intro on the DVD which explains this. Then, 50 years later, a flawless print was uncovered buried in a construction site.

The film it emulates the most is probably It Came From Outer Space (1953), though this is in color, with nods to The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and I Married a Monster From Outer Space (1958) — this last might have been unintentional, but much of the plot revolves around a husband's body taken over by an alien.


This is probably a must-see for anyone who is a fan of the Golden Age of Sci-Fi (the fifties) and for those who grew up watching those films, but it's not a perfect simulation. The first scenes of the flying saucer moving towards Earth, for example, did not recall those old films for me; it just reminded me of the current use of computer FX which is everywhere. I did like the saturated color look; I've read that War of The Worlds — the 1953 film version — influenced this look.

___________________ Alien Trespass (2009)


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Bud Brewster
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Perhaps this wonderful concept will turn out to be flawed in some manner and it will spoil my boundless enthusiasm for it after reading BoG's review, along with about half of the Wikipedia summary.

But I've put this movie on my Netflix list and it should arrive by this weekend.

The trailer looks wonderful, and the story is very imaginative (based on the portion of the summary I read), so maybe . . . just maybe . . . this will be good.

Gee, I wish there was an All Sci-Fi who could watch it with me in the Chat Room. (* sigh *) Sad


I'm pleased to report that an IMDB user named tommylarc posted an extremely well-written comment. He doesn't just claim he enjoyed the movie, he describes in detail all the reasons why any fan of the sci-fi classics from the 1950s will adore this film! Very Happy

He gives the movie 10 out of 10 stars. Here's Tommy's complete comment. Cool

Loved the movie

I attended the premiere of "Alien Trespass" last night and I wanted to share a thought or two.

Authentic is the first word, which comes to mind. The sets, the period pieces, the language, the automobiles, everything was beautifully realized, developed, researched to create the "authenticity" of small town America in 1957.

Humor, well, it goes without saying. The script was superb.

"Great Dick" "The Goata is a biomorphic being cable of making itself invisible" "Paranoid camera" " The Edsel will be around forever" "I had a pipe"

Execution, Direction, Lighting, Timing, all superbly done, top notch and professional. It was crafted beautifully.

I left the movie theatre with a sense of delight and chuckle. My older sister remarked how she remembers playing on the Electrolux when we were kids skidding around the living room like a sleigh. The colorful jackets, the housewife, the pipe, The 3 holed Buick (not a four holed Century) all fond memories as a kid growing up. The illusion of a better time, innocence, naivety, which we fondly look back on, but it never really existed, the lack of knowledge but the pursuit of greater understanding of space, star ships, time travel, aliens, far off planets and the unknown. I walked out thinking "I loved that movie" it brings back so many good memories.

But the movie does more. With all its authenticity, humor, superb production, scoring, timing, lighting, acting, writing and direction, all necessary ingredients to establish quality, continuity and credibility, the movie makes us laugh at ourselves. This was best realized when we, the audience, were seated in the theatre watching a movie about a movie. It was during the "Blob" segment that we in fact became part of history.

The Blob segment was woven brilliantly, right down to the original chief of police. Instead of hearing Steve McQueen shouting CO2, CO2, I kept saying to myself, NaCl idiots, NaCl. The audience was experiencing three movies at once and we were laughing at all three simultaneously. So, it was more than a period piece, but also contemporary in its ability for us to see ourselves over a 50 year stretch of time and simultaneously, ponder if the human race will evolve in the coming 50 years.

It was simple in its complexity like Little Miss Sunshine, nothing pretentious, just accessible and wonderful for everybody. It makes us feel humanly vulnerable and gives us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves in the process. To ponder complex ideas in simple human terms and concurrently laughing out loud at our naivety and silliness, is well, very tough to pull off successfully…………. I loved it, thanks for making it.

An avid movie goer.



And by God, Tommy's is not alone! Read THIS comment by IMDB user insightstraight, who gave the movie 9 out of 10 stars!


Loving tribute to 1950s scifi, somewhat hampered by its very sincerity

Let's be clear right from the start — "Alien Trespass" is not a spoof. Nor is it a parody, satire, sendup, lampoon, or pastiche. It may be presented as a spoof and most ticket buyers will likely go in expecting one, and the makers of the film may even have set out to produce a spoof.

But what they achieved instead is a meticulous recreation of a film from the 1950s, earnest and straightforward. The period detail is truly impressive, with costuming, sets, and locations all note-perfect. Even the casting is to be commended, especially for the younger actors — it is actually difficult to find actors who can convincingly portray people outside their era, but these folks do a great job. There are a few minor anachronisms, but overall the period recreation is staggering, right down to the feel of the film stock and even the lighting.

The film's accuracy is actually its greatest problem, in terms of success. Instead of the "Airplane" type treatment many will expect, the film instead gives us just what it pretends to: a film made in the 50s but only recently unearthed. But this means it has only the camp factor inherent in those films; the audience with which I shared the preview screening wanted it to be a spoof, laughed at some parts, but the things they were laughing about were accurately rendered from that time — they were laughing at period "quaintnesses" only gently exaggerated. The film is too straight-faced and sincere to get the average viewer laughing.

I am surprised this movie got made, but near-astounded that it is getting a theatrical release. The production values are high, and Eric McCormack has some name draw, but I am still not sure how they sold it for distribution.

Let's put it this way: If you know who Wade Williams is, if you and your friends trade dialogue from "Forbidden Planet" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still", or if you ever saw the original Blob in an actual theater, this movie will give you a warm feeling and a nostalgic smile as a love letter to the movies from that time. Just about everyone else, I am afraid, will feel perplexed and disappointed.

I enjoyed "Alien Trespass", and I feel like they made it just for me. But really, how many of me are there out there?


I was also impressed by the fact that out of 39 total IMDB comments, 17 of them rated the movie between 8 and 10 stars. The users who didn't like the movie were obviously younger people, some of whom have poor writing skills and no affection for the 1950s classics.

Amazon offers used DVDs starting at $5.00. Click on the image below to see a large, sharp jpeg which will allow you to read the back cover of the DVD box.

Is there no man on Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?
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